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Daily Task

Don't get bored repeating over and over the same tasks, kebot bot can collect kingslanding's gift, send and collect clan activities, alliance rewards and so on.
Is fully automated and configurable by your needs.

Auto Farming

Farm as many NPCs you need without losing time searching them across the map. Set which formation to use and what behavior should kebot adapt if you run out of food.
Everything else is automated.

Account Switch

Kebot comes with a powerful tool to help you with bulk accounts. You are able to set several accounts which one with a different configuration.



We are always working on adding more features to our Bots, improving your botting experience to the max level!


Merco Bots uses efficient and advanced algorithms  This combination, along with our many other features allows you to gain many resources and save time from the best botting experience possible.

Full Support

You can get help directly from developers.
Join our discord and feel free to ask anything to us

Helping Out

Because yes...

Oh yes, because not everything is about profit, we help and encourage some projects to grow up! They are not related in anyway with us but this free area is for them!
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