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Auto Farming

Detects silo full

Plant and harvest multiples crops


Auto Sell

Auto Advertise

Smart Sell


Auto Produce

Auto Enqueue products

Auto Enqueue missings resources


Debug mode

Unstuck mechanism

Auto reconnect


Enqueue System

Layout Sytem

Highly customized

In Production

Animals auto Feed/Collect


Switch Accounts


Stable Version

Stable Version

Run haybot 24/7 without time limitation
You are free to test haybotNG for a limited time or you can get 1 day subscription for free (only new members).


Environment Ready

Before you start use haybotNG, make sure you have a emulator and ankulua, installed and ready to use.
Consult the Getting Started section for how to setup your environment.


Change your emulator resolution to 1280x800 and DPI's to 240

Game Language

Change your language in-game to ENGLISH!


HaybotNG no longer need any kind of decoration or static positions in order to work, from now on the game layout is treated like a simple grid system (same as chess board), with 4 sides, left, top, right and bottom, whereby the starting point is located at downer left corner. 

Whit this in mind starting "field" is located at left:1 and bottom:1.
Blue dot is located at left:3 and bottom:4
Purple dot is located at  left:7 and bottom:2

This grid system allow you to set your farm has you like without losing bot functionalities.


Parameter Description Value
Plant/Harvest speed Speed while moving across the fields 1 to 50
Plant/Harvest direction Moving direction Up Left
RSS Slots Total RSS boxes 1 to 99
RSS AD When should active AD 1º sale / last sale
Reconnect on network down? Recconect game On/Off
Reconnect attempts Reconnection attempts 1 to 9999
Reconnect attempts delay Time in minutes between each reconnection attempts 0 to 9999
Parameter Description Value
Starting Field Location where 1º field is located left|bottom
Total Fields Counting from starting point, how many fields from left and bottom left|bottom
Machines Location of each machine left|bottom
Parameter Description Value
Product Produce selected product On/Off
Sell Product sell price, to disable this option select none
Be aware, if this options is enabled it will sell the product even if production is disabled
None | Max | Default | Min
Keep Product amount to keep 0 to 9999


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