Kebot can Auto Active BuffsAuto Dragon/DemonCross ServerAuto Daily tasksAuto Farmingfor you.
D'ont get tired repeating same task over and over.
Don't worry about multiple accounts progress.
Don't be bored looking for altars or food NPC's.
Get your kebot fully automated and configurable by your needs.



Last Update: 02/04/2021

Run kebot 24/7 without time limitation
You are free to test kebot for a limited time or you can get 1 day subscription for free (only new members).


Environment Ready

Before you start use kebot, make sure you have a emulator and ankulua, installed and ready to use.
Consult the Getting Started section for how to setup your environment.


Change your emulator resolution to 720x1280. You can use another resolution, if it has an aspect ratio of 16:9!
More compatible resolutions here!

Game Language

Change your language in-game to ENGLISH!
Our scripts uses images with english words to perform some actions!


Parameter Description Value
Alternative Click Change Click behavior. On/Off
Active UI information Bottom console showing bot steps. On/Off
Use Cache Generates account cache, daily task done, timeouts, etc. On/Off
Parameter Description Value
War Orders Check buff status and active it, if is disabled. On/Off
Emergency Withdrawal Check buff status and active it, if is disabled. On/Off
Parameter Description Value
Dragon Check and Attack Dragon. On/Off
Dragon - Check every Delay in minutes between each Dragon check! 0 to 99
Demon Check and Attack Demon. On/Off
Demon - Check every Delay in minutes between each Demon check! 0 to 99
Parameter Description Value
Wishing Well Makes wishes On/Off
Kingslanding's Gift Collect gift On/Off
Alchemy Node Collect Free gift On/Off
Hero Recruitment Collects free Silver and gold keys On/Off
Parameter Description Value
Send and collect activities Send and collect activities. On/Off
Send and collect activities - check in Delay in minutes between each activities check! 0 to 99
Alliance rewards Collect all alliance rewards. On/Off
Alliance rewards - check in Delay in minutes between each rewards check! 0 to 99
Alliance Gift Collect alliance gift. On/Off
Alliance Gift - check in Delay in minutes between each gift check! 0 to 99
Alliance Base
Parameter Description Value
Tavern Task Select highest task and collect completed. On/Off
Parameter Description Value
Attack NPC Active or disable Framing script. On/Off
Type NPC's type, to attack. Senior Forces, Evil Forces or Both
Farm Until When farming script should stop. Non Stop - Never stop.
Max Farm - Maximum NPC's farmed.
Timeout - Time in minutes.
Map radius - Number of map loops.
Senior Forces

- Selected type Option must be Senior Forces or Both in order to work!

Parameter Description Value
Altars Attack altars npc. On/Off
Evil Forces

- Selected type Option must be Evil Forces or Both in order to work!

Parameter Description Value
Ashka Brotherhood Attack Ashka Brotherhood npc. On/Off
Robber's Camp Attack Ashka Camp npc. On/Off
Scarlet Crusaders Attack Scarlet Crusaders npc. On/Off
Formation Formation to attack selected NPC. Each NPC can have a different formation. 1 to 5
Level NPC level to attack. Multiples level are allowed, use commas , to seperate each level.
Use word all to sellect all levels.
Low Food

- The following options are activated in sequence, this is , if all are active and you run out of food, the bot will farm NPC's, then if is not enough, he uses winds of fortune item and so on.

- If farm evil forces is active the bot uses same NPC's options from evil forces.

Parameter Description Value
1º - Farm evil forces Attack evil forces On/Off
Farm evil forces [Max] Stop gathering food after attacked at least 6 NPCs. Number
2º - Winds of Fortune Uses Winds of Fortune iten, if available. On/Off
3º - Devide Resources Uses Devide Resources iten, if available. On/Off
4º - Change Troops Change Formation.
For this options to be effective you should set a formation whit troops that don't consume food.
Parameter Description Value
Wait Loading When moving while farming, await until game has fully loaded the map, before looking for NPCs. On/Off
Parameter Description Value
Cross Server Auto vote in your player in cross server event. On/Off
Cross Server - group Which group is your plyer in.
if is then final fase (no group), the bot will ignore this option.
Select Number.
Cross Server - player Position of your player, from list
- From left list 1º up to 8º down and right list 9º up to 16º down
Select Number.
Change IMEI Auto Change device IMEI after 29 accounts logged in. On/Off


Kebot don't have options - "multiples account run"
This options only appears once you have at least 1 account file created.
Which emulator is the best for Kebot?
Are my game accounts credentials safe?
I lost/deleted/overwritten my accounts data, can you help me recover them?
I have a ankulua licence but i can't login kebot script?
In how many devices i can run keBot script?
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