Normally our scripts runs on any android device or emulator but if you are to use a emulator we highly recommend nox, bluestacks is your second choice and menu for third

Nox configuration

Nox last version  Download

Nox auto update

For some reason nox doesn't always detect the latest update available, always download the last version directly from official site

To open nox settings, click the gear icon at upper right

1 Select General tab

2 Active root startup

By default root is already activated

1 Select Advanced settings tab

2 Select custom

3 Set 2 CPU's and 2048 mb to memory

4 Resolution to 1280x720

5 Click save settings

Now restart nox for changes take effect

Nox File transfer

Share files between your computer and Nox is very easy and quick, there is a excellent tutorial online how to do it

Tutorial based on Nox version 3.1.0.   Tutorial

Hide admin privileges messages if ankulua can't handle it

Normally ankulua is able to hide this messages activating Hide daemon/root check success dialog option, but with the most recent nox version (6.x) this option seems to not work as expected so there is another way to do so.

At home screen tap Settings button

drag all the list and tapSuperuser button

1 Select ankulua (trial or pro)

2 Set off Notifications and Logs

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