We are a small team creating script bots whit ankulua app. We build all our scripts from scratch and according to community needs. Any questions related to ankulua app, should be addressed to ankulua admin directly using one of the following links: 

Email - ankulua@gmail.com 

Forum - https://ankulua.boards.net/thread/2/ankulua-introduction


All our scripts require ankulua app Trial/PRO, one android device to run, and the device should have the following specifications:

  • Minimum - 1 CPU and 1024 RAM
  • Recommended - 2 CPU and 2048 RAM


We recommend that everyone test and run all scripts in an emulator environment; they are safe, have no battery discharge, no virus, are highly customizable, and since scripts are built in an emulator environment, the compability is almost 100%.
For device users, we can assist you only if your device has the exact specifications as the script bot, such: as aspect ratio, dpi's, without a navigation bar, etc.

Admin Privileges

Ankulua App needs some admin privileges in order to perform some actions like click, swipe, drag, and drop; for that, you need to implement one of the following methods:

Accessibility Mode 

This option is already available on the device only if your android and ankulua app are both versions 8.0.0 or above.
To enable accessibility mode, you just need to start ankulua app and follow ankulua steps



As an alternative, you can run daemon, which is our recommended method and is easy to apply but remember you must run daemon each time your device restarts.

You can directly download it here www.dropbox.com/s/ycrxyni3u53b37b/ama_daemon.v1.8.5.zip?dl=1then unzip > execute run.bat

if you are having issues with daemon; please refer - https://ankulua.boards.net/thread/3/daemon-installation

Rooting carries risks and may void your device's warranty.

It was our recommended method for several years, but multiple games are banning accounts for using rooted devices. Knowing that use root at own risk.
There are many tutorials online on how to do it; just type your device model + root on google, or you can try kingRoot, a one-click root tool that is free to use.

Ankulua App

AnkuLua is an Android app that focuses on the automation of any Android app. The basic operations are:
  • take a screen snap shop and look for a specific image on the screen
  • take some actions (such as click, drag, and drop, etc.) based on the search result

see more

Theres are 2 ankulua app, ankulua trial ankulua Pro2 without any time limitation!
You can download them here

We strongly recommend you download ankulua trial and test it before acquiring a subscription.

Android Emulator

Android emulator is software that can emulate the android operating system on your desktop.
There are many different emulators on the market; we will not talk about them all, only the three we use the most to create our scripts

Bluestacks  (recommended)
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Targets mobile gamers.
  • High performance and compatibility whit our scripts.

  • Get active updates.
  • An emulator for gamers.
  • High-performance.
  • Freezes/Crashes whit some of our scripts, only running for several hours.

It has been our 1º choice from the beginning, but since noxplayer version 6.x.x , this emulator has started to crash more often than usual and get more incompatibilities whit ankulua and scripts (larger scripts). Despite that, we maintain this emulator on our list.

You can always use a different emulator, but before installing it, be sure the following features exist:

  • Resolution customization (required)
  • Admin Privileges (required)
  • Multiples instances (if you intend to use more than one account)
  • Shared Folder (if you intend to use it)

Please do not use the MEMU emulator!

For some reason, ankulua app has some issues running on it.


From this point, you must have:

  • Emulator installed
  • Admin privileges (Accessibility Mode, daemon or root)
  • Ankulua.apk (file)
  • Bot script (file)

Preparing Environment

Open Bluestacks and click on the cog icon to open bs settings.

Whit performance tab selected set CPU allocation to 2 cores(1) and 2 GB for memory allocation(2)

Select Display tab (1), if a pretended resolution is not available select custom resolution(2) and click add resolution button (3)

Only for daemon method

TTo run daemon, bluestacks ADB must be enabled; go under the advanced tab(1) and be sure ADB is anabled(2)

Your Ldplayer should look like the image after installation complete , can variate according your emulator version.


Whit advanced tab selected(1), if pretended resolution is not available hit customize and set resolution or select default resolution if the script met required settings(2),Set 2 cores for CPU(3) , and 2049M for RAM (4)


Once ldplayer restarted is time to sign in your google account and download the game you need! This is where google pay app is , just in case you can't find it(1)

Once the emulator is ready is time to install ankulua.apk; for this, you only need to double click ankulua apk or drag and drop the apk directly to bluestacks
Now under your OS locate bluestacks shared folder, which should be at C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks_nxt\Engine\UserData\SharedFolder, and move the script bot over there
Back to bluestacks, open ankulua, and click select script
Hit the up button until you get the root folder(/), then navigate through /mnt/windows/BstSharedFolder and select your script bot *.luae3
Before you start ankulua service, hit the three dots button and then settings (in some resolutions, button settings is visible on the top menu)
Enable following options
  • hide daemon/root check success dialog
  • Automatically start service
  • Hide empty message dialog
  • Enable network functions
If you do not see all options, scroll down the settings list
From here, you should be good to go; hit start service, open your game, and hit the play button to start the bot


Android, by default, notify the user of his auto actions, like permission granted, click, and swipe, and these notifications may cover a sensitive area of the bot, so it is essential to hide all kind of notifications. For that long, click on ankulua apk and then select app info
Now hit Notifications
Select block all
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